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The Silent Destroyer

“Termites can build empires in your building quietly and will slowly destroy your valuable property“

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Know Your Enemy

Termites are social insects belonging to the Isoptera infraordo, part of the Blattodea (cockroach) order that is widely known as an important pest of human life. Termites nest in and eat wooden furniture or house frames resulting in many economic losses. Termites are still related to ants, who are also social insects. Termites are also called “white ants” because of the similarity in behavior.

The term termite actually refers to animals in general, even though there are several different forms that are known, as in ant colonies or social bees. In colonies, termites do not have wings. However, some termites can reach the winged form that will come out of the nest in droves at the beginning of the rainy season (so it is often a sign of change to the rainy season) in the evening and flies close to light.

Termites are considered the most damaging insect pests in the world. Many buildings and structures are damaged by these pests each year and result in large financial losses.

There are 200 different species of termites in Singapore, but only a handful of them cause problems:

    • Coptotermes gestroi
    • Coptotermes curvignathus
    • Coptotermes havilandi
    • Coptotermes Kalshoven
    • Coptotermes sepangensis
    • Macrotermes gilvus
    • Macrotermes pakistanicus
    • Globitermes sulphureus
    • Schedorhinotermes sp.
    • Microcerotermes sp.

About 70% of property damage in Singapore is caused by Coptotermes species so that these termites are labeled as “enemy number 1” in Singapore.

Termite Colony Caste

Queen and Termite King
Worker Termites
Termite Soldier
Alate or Winged Termites


prevent termites in your home

1. Repair leaking taps and pipes

This includes leaking taps, pipes and hot water pipes that overflow under or around your home. This fix will reduce the level of humidity, which attracts underground termites near or under your property.

2. Don’t let creepers or dense plants grow near building structures

Plants that grow on the side of your property structure make termites infest your building undetected.

3. Remove dead trees or stumps

Dead trees and stumps are ideal sites for termite nests. Discard these or treat them to reduce the risk of attack on your property.

4. Call Professional Anti Termite Services

Using Professional Anti-Termite Services is the easiest way to do because just by contacting Fumida Anti-Termites, your building will be protected from termites.


Fact About Termite

6 Fun Fact About Termite

  • Termites never rest in their entire lives.
  • The total weight of termites exceeds the total body weight of humans on earth
  • The termite queen lays eggs every 15 seconds & never stops all her life
  • In terms of ecology, termites are important decomposers
  • Termites are known as ‘silent destroyers’
  • Termites cause property losses of up to $ 5 billion every year

Things You Need to Know about Termite Control

Anti Termite Service Control Method

In the process of controlling termites on an ongoing basis and to achieve maximum results, we apply the following methods:

Pre-Construction Termite Control

Anti-Termite Pre-Construction is an effective method that aims to create a chemical fortress that can protect buildings from termite attacks that can occur in the future. This method is carried out when the building is under construction or new construction is being started.

Post-Construction Termite Control

Post-construction anti-termite service is an anti-termite treatment in your building that has been completed and is already inhabited. This method is usually done when your building is attacked by termites due to lack of treatment when building for the first time or because the drug you used before has expired

Anti Termite Piping System

Anti-termite treatment services piping system is an anti-termite treatment which is done by planting PVC pipes into the ground around the foundation. The goal is as a chemical path that you can re-inject at any time without piercing your favorite floor. This treatment is usually carried out during the building before it is finished or when renovating your floor so that we can implant a pipeline into the ground.

Anti Termite Baiting System

One way to eliminate termite colonies is to use a chemical bait method. If the bait installed is eaten by termites, it will cause death to the entire termite colony

Professional Anti Termite Services

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