Do You Know What Flies Is?

The Carrier of Disease

“Although these small flies are harmless, they can carry many bacteria and germs that are harmful to human health.“

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Know Your Enemy

It is natural that when people see flies around, they will consider the area unclean. Flies are disease-carrying pests because they find their food from animal and human waste, carcasses and trash. Aside from being a nuisance, some species of flies bite and pose serious health risks. For example, house flies are more often associated with human habitation. Delicious food that is infested with flies will ruin your appetite for consumption. Flies are known as spreaders of stomach disease bacteria such as:

    • Shygella disentriae (Dysentery)
    • Escheria coli (Muntaber)
    • Salmonella thypiosa (Typhus).

Flies spread disease due to their culture and eating habits. Bacteria originating from where flies usually eat will be trapped in their mouths and their foot pads which eventually spread to the place where they will land. Now imagine if a fly landed on the food you would eat.

However, there are simple ways that you can do to identify signs of fly infestation and take simple precautions will be very important because fly pests can potentially turn into serious infestations if left unchecked.

Some Types of Flies

House Fly
Musca domestica
Green Flies
Calliphora vomitoria
Sand Flies
Spiriverpa Lunulata
Fruit flies
Drosophila species
Waste Flies
Meat Flies
Family – Sarcophagidae
Horse flies
Family tabanidae


Prevent Flies in Your Home

1. Seal the garbage bag and put the lid on the trash can.

Dispose of garbage as soon as possible and put it in a garbage bag that is placed in a closed trash can. As such, swarms of flies cannot bother you.

2. Store food in containers and discard if the food is rotted.

Store food in sealed containers or jars. Place the container or jar in the refrigerator or cupboard (depending on food stored). If the food starts to rot, immediately discard so that the flies do not come and perch.

3. Clean up spilled drinks or food at home when seen

Take the time to check the bottom of the stove (for example) if at any time there is food left over last night that has fallen. By immediately cleaning up spills, you can get rid of food sources of flies before they are found.

4. Exterminate Flies with professional pest control

Fumida Flies Control as The Professional Pest Control Company understands how to properly control Flies such as using the hot fogging method and ULV or using the mist as a Method


Fact About Flies

10 Fun Fact About Flies

  • House flies rely heavily on their sense of smell when they search for food.
  • They are very active during the day and rest at night.
  • House flies are very interested in trash.
  • They have efficient reproductive qualities. Flies can produce as many as 75-100 eggs and hatch in 12-24 hours.
  • House flies defecate every few minutes. As the main carriers of disease, they spread bacteria and infectious organisms that pose a serious health threat to society.
  • The life span of flies is relatively long; ranging from 30 to 60 days.
  • House flies can fly at an average speed of 8 km per hour. They can enter your property through gaps and holes.
  • They only eat liquid, but flies can turn solid food into liquid by spitting or vomiting on it.
  • Flies have compound eyes that make them sensitive to changes in light patterns.
  • House flies are not insects that like cleanliness. They can breed in dirty places such as trash cans, human waste, animal waste or other things that have rotted.

Things You Need to Know About Flies Control

Flies Control Method

In the process of controlling Flies on an ongoing basis and to achieve maximum results, we apply the following methods:

Outdoor Spraying

Chemical spray on the walls of trash cans, bushes, flowers such as Kebang Sepatu, Cambodia, Acacia, guava flower, and others that are often preferred as a green fly resting place. For small areas that are relatively clean you can use the Gloria tool and large areas use the Power Sprayer. CAUTION do not hit the plants of the Nuclear, Orchid, Bonsai, Taro and fish ponds.

Floor Residual

Spraying Portal 20 cc / liter of water on the surface of the floor, then the floor on the mop evenly in the area near the population of flies, the effect of every fly perched on the floor will die.


Innovation of trapping flies by attaching glue traps to media that are often infested by flies so that the feet of the flies are exposed to glue and cannot go anywhere and eventually die in place.

Use of Larvasides

Larvaside is an environmentally friendly pesticide which is usually in the form of a liquid that is used for fly larvae / larvae control applications. target larvae (maggots) flies. Use of fly larvicide is preferred for newly transported wet bins. Dry rubbish floor and rubbish pile are not recommended to use this larvicide. The usual application uses a power sprayer, Gloria, or flush it directly.

Professional Flies Control Services

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