Do You Know What Mosquito Is?

The Little Vampire

“Mosquito bites can cause problems for humans, starting from itching, irritation, to deadly diseases including Malaria, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya Fever, Filariasis (elephantiasis) and chronic sleep ailments.“

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Know Your Enemy

Lowland coastal cities are very prone to mosquitoes. The river area is not smooth and tends to stagnate. During the rainy season, this area often floods, even during high tides, making brackish areas with many drains that do not flow, this condition is an ideal habitat for mosquitoes and in this area often complaints of mosquito attacks. Mosquitoes can fly more than 7 km from the nest, especially when carried by the wind.

No pest control company in the world can guarantee mosquito-free, as long as the building or area has no insulation and is directly connected to the outside environment. Mosquitoes do not cause damage to the building. However, losses due to mosquitoes are more directed at humans. Mosquito bites cause various diseases. Starting from itching, irritation, to deadly diseases including Malaria, Dengue Fever, Cikungunya Fever, Filiriasis (elephantiasis) and chronic sleep ailments.

The following is a list of dangerous diseases that can be caused by mosquitoes:

    • Malaria
    • Dengue fever
    • Zika
    • Chikungunya

Therefore, controlling the mosquito population and closing mosquito nests is very important to do to reduce the number of spread of diseases caused by mosquitoes

Some Types of Mosquito

Culex Mosquito
Aedes aegypti
Dengue Fever


Prevent Mosquito in Your Home

1. Clean the environment around the house

The first way is to diligently clean the environment around you. cleanliness is the most important key in efforts to eradicate and be a chain mutation in the breeding of mosquito pests.

2. Closing mosquito inlet access such as ventilation and other gaps that can be a mosquito entry

Mosquitoes can very easily enter your house or apartment if you are not careful in paying attention to mosquito access

3. Organize your things to avoid messing up

Mosquitoes are very happy to hide behind things that are messy and ready to attack you when they start to want to attack

4. Exterminate mosquitoes with professional pest control

Fumida Mosquito Control as The Professional Pest Control Company understands how to properly control mosquitoes such as using the hot fogging method and ULV or using the mist as a weapon


Fact About Mosquito

7 Fun Fact About Mosquito

  • Culex mosquitoes live in settlement gutters, malaria mosquitoes live in swamps or brackish inundation areas, and Aedes mosquitoes live in standing water, specifically Aedes solicitans live in brackish / salt water.
  • Female mosquitoes that bite humans because they need blood to form eggs, while male mosquitoes do not bite, it lives from plant essence.
  • Mosquitoes can fly as far as 1-2 miles or more, even for Aedes solicitans, A. dorsalis can fly up to 20 miles (30 km).
  • Mosquitoes can grow from eggs to adult flies in just six to ten days.
  • They are found close to standing water, where they feed larvae and breed.
  • Mosquitoes are more attracted to dark colors.
  • They will usually bite you at dawn or dusk – most activities at night. That’s when their internal clock tells them that it’s meal time.

Things You Need to Know About Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Method

In the process of controlling Mosquito on an ongoing basis and to achieve maximum results, we apply the following methods:

Thermal Fogging

Although not a primary prevention method, fogging is one method that is still considered effective for killing adult Aedes agypti mosquitoes. The aim is to kill most of the infectious mosquitoes quickly. In addition to breaking the chain of transmission, it also suppresses the number of mosquitoes so that the risk of DHF also decreases.

ULV (Cold Fogging)

Cold fogging is a method used to fight pest problems and to eliminate mold and unpleasant odors in the room, and to eliminate insects such as mosquitoes. Cold fogging is usually done indoors like home. Cold fogging is often set in automatic mode and left to fog in the room, so there is no need for someone to operate the fogger in the process

Light Trapping

Unlike conventional Electric Mosquito Repellent with high voltage killing tissue that only kills flying insects and leaves trash fragments of contaminated insects and spores, UV light technology can attract insects and then trap them on hidden glue boards.

Use of Larvasides

Larvaside is an environmentally friendly pesticide that is usually in the form of granules or briquettes that are used for the control application of larvae / larvae of DHF and Malaria. open, sewer channels, and other places suspected of being breeding grounds for larvae. It is aimed at the flooded sewer because the area is low-brackish, or the area of the lake where there are a lot of mosquito larvae.

Professional Mosquito Control Services

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