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“Ants will travel in various paths in search of food, follow the trail they have made and classify food sources“

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Know Your Enemy

Ants can damage stored food items both from open foods to packaged foods. Instant noodle plastic packaging also cannot avoid ant bite damage. Foods and fruits that contain lots of ants also reduce economic value and taste. Any room with lots of ants makes the work atmosphere in the room no longer comfortable. Ants also often bite to cause itching, irritation and swelling of the skin. Accurate data have not yet been found that ants spread disease bacteria.

  • Food poisoning – ants can contaminate food, because you don’t know where they have been looking for food before.
  • Bites – although ant bites are harmless, they can cause itching and discomfort.
  • Reputation – the presence of ant pest infestation in your place of business can be seen as unpleasant by the customer.
  • Business losses – problems with health and hygiene can cause a loss of potential income in businesses that are directly related to food.

If you have a greater ant pest problem and cannot be completely solved with ordinary DIY products, you can rely on Fumida Pest Control to fix your problem.

Our pest control technicians offer ant pest control methods targeted at each particular ant species. They can solve problems quickly and are very safe for your family and pets.

Types of ants

Wood Ants / Carpenter ants
Lamponotus sp
Fire ants
Solenopsis spp
Pharaoh ants
Monomorium pharaonsis
Rangang ants
Formica sp
Marabunta Ants


prevent ants in your home

1. Never delay to clean up food and drink spills on the floor

Ants are very sensitive to falling food or drink, if not cleaned immediately, this will invite the ant colony to come to take the fallen food

2. Clean up the remnants of fat and food crumbs from under the equipment and cooking unit in the kitchen

This is quite important to note because the ants can find your leftovers that have fallen under the stove

3. Store food in a closed container

Don’t give ants the chance to steal your food, put it in a closed place that ants cannot reach

4. Call Professional Ant Control Services

Using Professional Ant Control Services is the easiest way to do because just by contacting Fumida Ant Control, your Food will be protected from Ants.


Fact About Ants

9 Fun Fact About Ants

  • Ants have very small body sizes, but their legs are strong enough to carry and lift weights that are 50 times heavier than their body size.
  • They actually have 2 bellies! One stomach is used to store food for itself, while the other is used to store food that will be shared with other ants.
  • His body is protected by a hard outer shell like a shell.
  • The ant’s body is small enough to hide and escape eradication. However, the ants leave traces that you can find such as ant paths and ant nests.
  • An ant colony can grow dozens of thousands of times the previous number. But you can take proactive actions in ant control to prevent the number of ants from multiplying to an uncontrollable size. Simple methods such as always cleaning food spills and sweeping crumbs of sweet foods that ants like are the first steps you can take to prevent the presence of ants around you.
  • Despite its small size, ants can bite and sting! Fire ants are one type of ant that can cause painful stings and they are very interested in sweet and protein-rich foods, so they are often found in the kitchen. Learn more about the various types of ants here
  • Types of sugar ants are very common to be found roaming at home, and it is very difficult to find out their existence because of their noctural requirements
  • Ants can create places that will be “hard to reach” by you at home! They can stay inside the foundation walls, under concrete slabs, wall cavities (especially for carpenter ants) and even behind kitchen cabinets where the best bait doesn’t work to repel ants at that point!
  • Interestingly, in Singapore termites are also known as ‘white ants’ which generally makes people misunderstand and confuse the difference between termites and ants.

Things You Need to Know about Ant Control

Ants Control Method

In the process of controlling Ants on an ongoing basis and to achieve maximum results, we apply the following methods:

• Proofing System •

The treated area must have a good proofing system to prevent the entry of new pests. This proofing system can be done by installing gauze in the ventilation, closing small gaps, and closing crack holes in the walls of buildings.

• Sanitary inside and outside areas•

Make sure the area inside and outside the house is always clean of dirt and puddles that can invite cockroaches to live in that place. Ways that can be done to do sanitation is to avoid standing water and open rubbish bins, provide enough air for your room, and avoid the accumulation of scattered goods and rubbish.

• Spot Spraying and Residual •

Spot Spraying Residual is spraying a small amount of pesticide on the inner walls of the house to kill mosquitoes that perched there. This method uses a small amount of poison in smaller areas, prevents pesticides from entering the water source and reduces the chance that mosquitoes will become resistant to pesticides.

Professional Ant Control Services

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