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The True Rodent

“Rats can carry disease, if not immediately controlled, the risk of dangerous diseases carried by rats can be life-threatening.“

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Know Your Enemy

Rat is an animal that belongs to the Muridae family. These mammals are classified into the category of pests because their behavior is very disturbing human life and can even result in material losses. For example, if a rat bites cables in a building, and then between the wires connected to each other there will be a short circuit and a fire in the building. Rodents can also bite your computer cables so that your computer is error caused by electrical short circuit, even though the important work files are in the computer. In fact, rodents also carry diseases that risk life-threatening consequences.

Here are some diseases from mice that can spread to humans:

    • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)
    • Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS)
    • PES (Yersina pestisia)
    • Lymphocytic chorio-meningitis (LCM)
    • Rat bite fever (RBF)
    • Leptospirosis

With all the losses and diseases that can be created by rats, of course, rat control is very important to create a sense of security, comfort, and calm.

Some Types of Rodents

Sewer Rats
Rattus norvegicus
Roof Mice / Rattus
Rattus rattus
House Mice
Mus musculus
Shrews, actually not Rodentia
Suncus murinus


Prevent Rodent in Your Home

1. Put food in a metal or glass food container with a tightly closed

This is a fairly easy step because rats really like to steal food that is not well stored and left open

2. Tidy up in the house and around the yard to reduce the place for rodents to hide

Rats love to hide in messy places and cracks in houses that are not tightly closed

3. Place metal trash bags outside the room tightly closed to stop the mice from eating your trash

Do this because mice are very happy to rummage through the trash to find food left in the trash

4. Call Professional Rodent Control Services

Using a Professional Rodent Control Service is the Right Solution to do because if you contact the Fumida Rodent Control Service, your building will be protected from Rodents by an effective method.


Fact About Rodent

9 Fun Fact About Rodent

  • Rats live in groups, strong groups will dominate the food area.
  • Rats are nocturnal animals, sleeping during the day, all their senses are sharp, except for myopic eyes.
  • Mice will move nimbly when next to a wall.
  • Mice are good at swimming, climbing cables, climbing vertically, and easily adapt to ultrasonic sound frequencies or electromagnetic waves.
  • Mice have neophobic (suspicious) and toxicant shynens (especially deterrent) traits, especially for all types of traps and all types of acute poison baits.
  • Rats are called rodentia because they have incisors that always grow longer each day, to neutralize their teeth, they will germinate anything including non-food, wires, soap, etc.
  • Mice like high carbohydrate grains such as rice, corn, soybeans and the like, because while eating while stiffening.
  • Shrew rats are not rodentia, their teeth don’t grow longer, and they don’t gnaw.
  • Roof mice are vegetarian; only eat plants, while other rats are polyphagmatic; eat insects, animal and plant products, specifically shrew rats only eat animal / insect products

Things You Need to Know About Rodent Control

Rodent Control Method

In the process of controlling Rodents on an ongoing basis and to achieve maximum results, we apply the following methods:

Rodent Killing Method

A method of eradicating rats by using the rat poison system to kill rats by mixing the poison with food that is preferred by mice. The type of rat’s favorite food varies depending on the food in your place. For example, if a rat likes to eat bread at your place, then we will take some of the bread from your place and mix it with rat poison and then we put it in a place where rats often pass. Of course we put it in a safe place out of reach of children and it says “Beware of Dangerous”.

Rodent Trapping

Rodent trapping is a system of eradicating rats using rat traps. As you usually know, this method is a fairly effective method to catch rodents in your area. The advantages of implementing this system include:

• Rodent trapping is safer for the reach of children because it does not use poisons
• Quite effective and quickly caught by the rats
• There are no rat carcasses because this system does not kill mice

Glue Trapping

Glue trapping is a rat eradication system using mouse glue so that when a mouse passes through an area that is attached to the mouse glue, the mouse will stick to the glue and cannot be released until it dies due to starvation. This method is effective enough to eradicate rats around the area in the building.

Sanitation Improvement

The final step is sanitation, which is the most important step in the rat control process. This step must be a collaboration between Fumida and the owner of the place so that the rat does not return again. In order to produce good sanitation, we will recommend a number of things, starting from the waste management process, the layout of your goods, the use of pallets for items in the warehouse, and maintaining cleanliness in areas that have the potential for rodents.

Professional Rodent Control Services

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